Celebrity Drunken Photos Caught On Camera

In keeping up with appearances, some don’t need the extra kick or pump alcohol can give. It’s not that the celebrities need the extra confidence to show up, but we guess, sometimes, it’s all about numbing their fatigue and getting on the energy. But we don’t know any better! Most celebrities have their way, and to this little few, they have alcohol to do it for them – be happy, perky, and extra funny. Here’s the thing, though, most of us, the normal peeps, are guilty of that, too. After having had a few too many, we lose control, and hell yeah, take credit for the fun and vibe that’ll come out of it. The next day and days after is another story, of course after photos are out and the consequences of bad decisions from that night catch up. At least though, we’re not as famous as these celebrities who’d have their full account all over the internet. Let’s take a look at some of them!


Drunk On love artist Rihanna was caught on camera looking awkwardly tipsy and happy drunk. This one’s a good photo of deserving credits. This is better than all the other negative photos of her.

2.Courtney Love

Wow, she was a hot mess arriving at the GQ Party with nothing much left of herself to waste. Her fans were stunned to see her in her dress with smeared lipstick on. It looks like she already had all the fun in the preps.

3.Jennifer Lawrence

J.Law has always been known for her history of entertainment and spoof. She had done it all, including the habit of arriving a little drunk in events, which credits her more fun. In the photo, she looks a little worse than she should, and it’s all because of the alcohol. But let’s agree, though, this photo screams fun!

4.Emma Watson

Ever the responsible citizen and actress that she is, it’s hard to believe there would be drunken photos of Emma Watson. But here she is, the Hermione Granger of childhood fantasies is looking all merry for the camera. What would she pretend bf have to say now that she drinks his kind of beer.

5.Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is also one crazy drunk when drunk. He’s known for all the ridiculous things he does when under the influence of alcohol. Oh well, with all the drunken photos he’s had, many have had the honor of taking the credits, too. And this here is just one proven moment that was shared with the world.

6.Quentin Tarantino

Well, this filmmaker, producer, and actor have it all! Including some of the fun and drunkenness on the side. This is definitely one of the men in Hollywood who’d be fun to celebrate with. Only, make him go careful when the night is finally over, or he’ll go and tumble.

7.Justin Bieber

The internet is full of accounts and photos of the drunken Justin Beiber since his younger, misunderstood days, and they all range from different degrees of drunk. This here probably is just the baby Bieb tipsy.

8.Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is known for his humor and crazy dumb roles. He can act crazy and drunk in movies quite well. But it is much more on the real side. He is sure way loads and loads of fun.

9.Kim Kardashian

Already so far from her life back then, mom and wife, Kim Kardashian, had her fair share of drunken photos that made it online. With nothing much but business success and new faith for her and her whole family now. It’s hard not to notice the great degree turn Kardashian has taken.

10.Brad Pitt

Well, alcohol seemed to have been a good friend of our dear Brad Pitt. He knows better not to exceed a certain percentage, though consuming too much may mean things can get to a crazy bad degree. Wait, do what we know is coming from various paparazzi accounts or the publicized Jolie-Pitt divorce? Anyhow, there’s no denying here that he’s got the right amount of alcohol in him.