Celebrities And Their Adopted Kids

Angelina Jolie | Maddox, Zahara & Pax

Jolie, of course, deserves a special degree of acclaim! This bombshell is a force of nature when it comes to activism for human rights. She worked for about two decades in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as a Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy.

Although an awardee of many accolades, we all know what her real pride and joy is — and that is her family. Along with all her humanitarian work, she was able to adopt her first son, Maddox, from a Cambodian orphanage — shortly after filming Tomb Raider. Next was her daughter Zahara, whom she met at an Ethiopian orphanage. Shortly after the birth of her daughter Shiloh (with her ex-beau Brad Pitt), she adopted Pax when he was a toddler at a Vietnam orphanage. Now, they are all grown up and forging their own path, with Jolie supporting them all the way!

Hugh Jackman & Deborra Lee-Furness | Oscar & Ava

Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness adopted their son and daughter after the latter underwent multiple losses and struggles with IVF. Oscar was absorbed by the couple in 2000 while Ava entered the household sometime in 2005. Jackman shared to People that due to his wife’s age back then, they immediately went with their family plan. They tied the knot in 1996; she was 40 and he was 26.

To adopt from a community was their chief goal. However, the biggest factor that led the couple to get mixed-race children was because they saw it as the biggest need. Lee-Furness and Jackman decided the matter as quick as electricity. “A lot of people go into [adoption thinking] it’s really important for the kid to look like them, and honestly, for Deb and I, that just never even was an issue,” the actor stressed.

Kristin Davis | Gemma & Wilson

Kristin Davis’ character on Sex and the City, Charlotte York, went on to share a very unique aspect of her life with her: they both became mothers through adoption. On several occasions, the host of Fox’s Labor of Love has discussed her adoption journey and raising two African American children as a single parent, though she prefers to keep her children private.

In mid-2011, Kristin welcomed her first child, a daughter named Gemma Rose. In 2019, Kristin gave birth to her second child, a son named Wilson. Although her children are eight years apart in age, Kristin credits Gemma for being a wonderful older sister and that Wilson regularly asks for his big sister when she’s at school. Since Wilson’s birth, the mother of two has emphasized that having two Black children has caused her to rethink what it means to have white privilege and to be an advocate for her children.

Kirstie Alley | William & Lillie

Kirstie Louise Alley rose to fame as Lieutenant JG Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Following that, she went on to appear in several other films and television shows. Her degree of fame, however, arose with the NBC sitcom Cheers. It catapulted her into the spotlight and won her a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. Over the years, this multi-talented actress has starred in films such as Drop-Dead Gorgeous and Sibling Rivalry and TV shows such as Veronica’s Closet and Scream Queens.

Alley had several struggles during her marriage to Parker Stevenson. One of her pregnancies resulted in a loss, which was undoubtedly a traumatic experience for her. After all of this, she concluded that adoption was the best choice. In 1992 and 1994, she was able to adopt two kids, William and Lilly. William married his high school sweetheart at 17 and became a father for the first time in 2016. Lilly, a year William’s junior, grew up to become more of her mom.

Sandra Bullock | Louis & Laila

It’s also not a piece of news that Sandra Bullock has adopted children. In January of 2010, amid her separation from her then-husband Jesse James, she adopted her son Louis. Two years later, she again adopted a girl named Laila but kept the entire process personal. The Miss Congeniality star described her family as “blended and diverse” and “loving and understanding.” She also emphasized that the exact right kids came to her at the exact right time.

Aside from acting, the 56-year-old actress made investments in launching the production company Fortis Films. Through her company, she has produced movies and shows she also starred in, such as Miss Congeniality 2, All About Steve, and George Lopez. She has an upcoming action movie titled Bullet Train, for which she will star alongside Brad Pitt. Bullock also has another Netflix movie that is still in the works.

Charlize Theron | August & Jackson

Charlize Theron welcomed her daughters August and Jackson via adoption. Upon filing her adoption papers, the actress said she cast a wide net because she wanted to believe that her child would find her in a way that they were just meant to be. She was then blessed with “two beautiful powerhouses” that were destined to be in her life.

Theron came to prominence in the 1990s by portraying the leading lady in the movies Mighty Joe Young and The Cider House Rules. She garnered wide acclaim for her role in the 2003 film Monster, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Since the early 2000s, she has ventured into producing films, many of which she had a starring role. Since beginning her acting career, Theron’s credit reports have been on the rise as she consistently receives movie roles.

Denise Richards | Eloise

This blonde beauty was everyone’s celebrity crush back in the ’90s! She takes credit for being the girl next door with prominent roles in Tammy and the T-Rex and Wild Things. She was also recognized as one of Maxim’s sexiest women back in the day! Richards, along with former husband Charlie Sheen, have two daughters together. They still do their best to co-parent their children and are on good terms.

In 2011, the actress adopted a fifth member of the family, Eloise. Her husband, Aaron Phypers, also legally adopted their youngest daughter shortly after their marriage. The pair constantly offers the best care for their daughter with special needs and continues to learn more everyday! Richards also dedicates her time supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in East Hollywood. and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Connie Britton | Yoby

American starlet Connie Britton is best known for her roles in the series American Horror Story and drama Friday Night Lights. She is also known for her iconic role as Rayna Jaymes in the series Nashville, where she also showed her singing prowess. She continues to be involved in worthwhile projects, with roles in film like Bombshell, American Ultra and The Mustang. She also had a recurrent role in the Fox’ crime series 9-1-1.

This busy actress was struggling to find a stable partner with her crazy schedule, but she went out of her way to star a family of her own and is now a mother to her son, Eyob “Yoby” Britton. She adopted her son, Yoby, from Ethiopia when he was just months old – – now they just celebrated his 10th birthday last March and he’s all grown-up! He’s probably taking online classes already.

Emma Thompson & Greg Wise | Tindyebwa

In 2003, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise welcomed Tindyebwa to their home. They met him at a refugee council event. When the 16-year-old Rwandan refugee and former child soldier was invited for Christmas, he grew closer to the couple and together they formed a family. Although Thompson and Wise have a biological daughter named Gaia, it did not interfere with them seeing Rwandan’s potential.

“He’s a remarkable boy. He’s had more misery than hopefully any of us will have to put up with,” Wise told Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine. He noted that it has given Rwandan an incredible degree of willingness to be of help to others. Despite the number of hardships that the boy has gone through, his perseverance in life will surely be worth emulating, and it’s all thanks to the parenting style and generosity of the heart by Thompson and Wise.

Hoda Kotb | Haley Joy & Hope Katherine

After battling with breast cancer that troubled her pregnancy, Hoda Kotb opted for adoption. Then, she and fiancé Joel Schiffman welcomed Haley Joy in their lives. Two years later, Hope Catherine joined their bunch. “When you’re a mom late in life, you realize the gift it is. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have realized it when I was younger but trust me, when you’re a new mom for the first time at 52, you get on your knees and say thank you. Because you get to do something you didn’t think you had a shot at,” Kotb told People.

Back in Halloween 2019, she urged them to wear fun and bright costumes. Without doubt, the occasion took the credit for the actress’ current bliss. And when was asked if she had space for more love, Kotb beamed and replied with a yes.