Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley | Naleigh & Adelaide

A decade and two years ago, Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley took Naleigh under their care. Born in South Korea, she was soon followed by the adoption of her sister Adelaide in 2012. “Josh and I started talking about it before we were even engaged. My sister Meg is Korean, and my parents adopted her three years before I was born,” Heigl shared to Scholastic.

Heigl explained that she wanted her own family to resemble the one she came from, so she always knew she wanted to adopt from Korea. The move may be seen a series of investments in preserving their intercultural identity as a family. Furthermore, the actress and her husband also have a biological son named Joshua Jr. who was born in 2017. Heigl can be considered as among the list of Hollywood stars that celebrate what it takes to contain multitudes.

Lionel Richie | Nicole

Lionel Richie and his former partner Brenda Harvey-Richie adopted their daughter Nicole at age three at the time when her state entailed home security from her biological parents. Richie said he knew the mother and father and they were having difficulties in terms of their relationship. But as the pair was undergoing a rough patch, Nicole was sitting out in limbo so the singer told them what they could do: put the girl in his house until the tour was over with and then sort it out later.

The singer once consoled his kid saying, “Okay, here is what we are going to do: You’re going to make everyone wish that they had adopted you. You are going to make everyone in your family wish they actually had a chance to get you back,” After he and Harvey processed the papers and secured Nicole’s guardianship, the event was finally erased and replaced with love.

Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer | Jordan, Kris & Til

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline have two biological children, Tatum “Tate” Christopher and Thomas “Bo” Boyer. In 2015, things took a different turn when they had to take in their nieces and nephew after Luke’s sister Kelly had unexpectedly passed in 2007 and her husband Ben died seven years later. However, the country singer and his wife stressed that bringing Jordan, Kris, and Til into their family was never even a question.

“We never thought twice about it. You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about. ‘Should we take this on?’ We just did that,” Caroline said in an interview with Robin Roberts. Meanwhile, Bryan told Rachel Chang that since they have three children that have lost both their parents, their new focus [becomes trying] to navigate and guide them through this life. And that’s a whole new degree of redefining blood is thicker than water.

Madonna | David, Mercy, Estere, & Stella

Madonna fans would know that she has an adopted child named David. In 2006, the famed musician and then-husband Guy Ritchie decided to adopt the little boy from Malawi. After the couple split, Madonna went back to Malawi in 2009 to adopt another child, a girl named Mercy. Eight years later, the Queen of Pop again adopted twins Estere and Stella from the same country.

According to Madonna, she would sometimes close her eyes and think that her kitchen flooring is filled with dancing children. One of the reasons why she opted for adoption is that many children need a home. Aside from her four adopted kids, she is also a mom to son Rocco from her marriage with Guy Ritchie and daughter Lourdes from her past relationship with Carlos Leon. With her six children, the 62-year-old artist couldn’t be any happier.

Meg Ryan | Daisy

Hollywood actress Meg Ryan adopted a girl named Daisy from China in 2006, just after her split from her former husband, Dennis Quaid. The Sleepless in Seattle star said she was convinced that the adoption was nothing random and that Daisy is the daughter she should have. She added that she really wanted to have a baby and was on a mission to connect with someone. “We are so compatible,” Ryan said of Daisy. The actress also gave birth to Jack in 1992, a son she shares with Quaid.

Nowadays, the 59-year-old actress continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. She made her directorial debut in 2015 with Ithaca, a drama movie in which she also acted. In recent years, she starred in the documentaries Gylne tider and Everything Is Copy. She was also given credit as an icon of romantic comedy at the 71st Locarno Festival in 2018.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Claudia

Around the time Michelle Pfeiffer met her now-husband, David E. Kelly, in 1993, she adopted a girl named Claudia. The actress shared on one occasion that the adoption process was already set in motion when she met Kelly. When Claudia came, Kelly was open arms in accepting her as well. Pfeiffer and Kelly are also parents to their biological son named John.

Pfeiffer came to prominence in the early 1980s when she starred in Grease 2. She then became a prolific actress during that decade, with starring roles in numerous blockbuster films. She established herself as a bankable star, with most of her films grossing at least a hundred million dollars at the box office. She also upped her credit score when her worldwide gross as a leading lady in movies exceeded $2 billion. Pfeiffer is set to star in the upcoming series, The First Lady.

Nicole Kidman | Isabella and Connor

It has been known that A-list actress Nicole Kidman and her former husband Tom Cruise adopted a child after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy. The pair chose a baby girl named Isabella in 1992, and three years later, they adopted a son named Connor. Kidman stated that adoption came naturally for her since she has an aunt who was also adopted. She said she knew adoption would play out in her life as well.

A few years after she and the Top Gun actor split, she met country singer Keith Urban, her now-husband. Today, Kidman has transitioned from the movie screen to television, as most of her projects involve television roles. She starred in Big Little Lies, a show in which she also served as executive producer. She also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for her investments in this series.

Rosario Dawson | Isabella

Rosario Dawson has a teenage daughter named Isabella, whom she adopted in 2014. The Josie and the Pussycats actress said the lack of technology strengthened their mother-daughter bond. She said that she wanted to limit the use of technology to help build up their trust since Isabella was 11 years old when she was adopted. The actress added that it’s important that they look each other in the eye and talk.

Dawson is known for having many roles in comic book adaptations. She portrayed Gail in Sin City and provided the voices of Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince and Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon. In 2020, she starred in The Mandalorian, portraying the role of Ahsoka Tano. She is also set to play the same role in the upcoming Disney+ series Ahsoka. Since 2019, Dawson has been in a relationship with lawyer and politician Cory Booker.

Sharon Stone | Roan, Laird, & Quinn

Back in 2000, Sharon Stone and her then-husband Phil Bronstein adopted a son named Roan. Five years later, the Total Recall actress decided to expand her family by adopting a boy named Laird, followed by another son named Quinn. For Stone, motherhood did not come easily. Instead, it came to her lovingly with her kids. She claims that she is happy and lucky to have found her precious kids. Stone was awarded Mother of the Year in 2017 by an association she was involved in.

Now 63 years old, the actress continues to be active in the show business. Her most recent projects include the television shows Agent X, Mosaic, The New Pope, and Ratched. In a career that lasts four decades, she has over 100 acting credits in film and television and has won 10 acting awards out of 41 nominations.

Sheryl Crow | Wyatt & Levi

After dealing with the news that she won’t be able to have children naturally, singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow adopted a boy named Wyatt. Three years later, she also welcomed another son named Levi via adoption. According to her, adopting her two boys has been the “biggest everlasting event” that has worked for the better of her life. She and her kids reportedly live in West Nashville, Tennessee. The 59-year-old musician also has a real estate investment in Destin, Florida.

Crow’s most popular songs include Strong Enough, All I Wanna Do, and Soak Up the Sun. Her music incorporates elements of rock, jazz, country, pop, and blues. She has sold over 50 million albums globally and won 9 Grammy Awards out of 32 nominations. As an actress, she starred on various television shows, such as 30 Rock, NCIS: New Orleans, and One Tree Hill.